Creating A Map of Your World:Activate Your Dreams To LiveThe LifeYou Desire

       by Lorraine Harrell  

Excavating the Gems:  It pays to have a fertile imagination, a quirky childhood, an encouraging mother with a sassy sense of humor.  I've lived a hodgepode life of devastating losses, amazing joy, clarity, triumps, and an absolute love of reading all types of books.  Being blessed with the gift of storytelling, & resiliency, is a necessity, if one is to live a life as a poet, playwright, & fiction and nonfiction writer. I've recreated my life so many times, that I've ordained myself as a "Raindancer."  Not to be confused with Rainey : the nick name my dad bestowed upon me.  A mixture of  tragedy, coupled with optimism can create an intriguing landscape and  foundation, in developing bounce back, baby!!